What’s been going on?

Seems like forever since I last posted an update. So here’s what been going on.

Life has been busy the last few months, I’ve taken up an active volunteering role at the Mid Norfolk Railway. This has been great as it gives me something to get out the house for on a weekend. What is does mean is that since last October time for modelling has been limited. and as such N Gauge goings on have been somewhat quiet.

Quiet doesn’t mean nothing has been going on though. I have in the intervening period since my last update spent some time organising my collection. As an upshot of this I have had a bit of a thin out.

Now here in lies a story. Ordinarily I would trade most models through ebay, however on this occasion I decided to trade them through a local model shop. I decided before I started writing this update I wasn’t going to publicly name and shame and I stand by that comment.

Know what it’s worth

That’s they lesson in all of this – if you decide to trade in through a model shop. As a first time trader through my local model shop I have to say the experience was disappointing. The model shop is not one I have previously recommended on here. As I said on a previous update I moved a long way south last year. This meant that I was no longer ‘in range’ for any of my preferred options.

The valuation was definitely a challenge. Although I’d not worked out what I wanted before entering the store, the offer was very obviously a ‘piss take’. The owner eventually to their credit ended up admitting to that. Now I know that everyone has to make a living and a profit. And equally I was effectively paying someone else to do the work moving them on for me. However, having rejected the first offer it was then promptly increased by 50% with little or no fight.

I still get the feeling the revised offer wasn’t great. In fact, I’d go as far as to stay it was still poor. Needless to say, despite having done the deal on the day I won’t be going back.

Would I do it again?

Yes probably. However I go into it with my eyes open and significantly wiser. There are plenty of model shops out there that are desperate to get their hands on second hand N Gauge. It is after all a lot less common that it’s OO gauge big brother.

My advice would be as you would do when out shopping for the latest release – shop around. I still have a quantity of my collection to move on, and quite frankly I’m disinclined to put them for sale on line as individual items. What I will be doing is making a list and sharing them round shops that actively buy second hand. This way it will make it easier to flush out those trying to take advantage. I still support the shop local mantra despite the experience. But, I strongly encourage you do it with your eyes open and make sure you know your worth.

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