Back after a short absence

As you may have noticed, there has been a bit of a hiatus on this blog recently. Happily I am now back and writing a plenty, with a number of helpful articles lined up for publishing.

Having packed up and moved home at the start of the month Mr RichModels was then without internet for a little while, or a desk, or a computer. However, happily I am now back.

Now residing in Norfolk much closer to family (about 3 hours less to drive each way) I have the luxury of a three bedroom property. This of course now means a dedicated modelling room. To celebrate this I have purchased myself a new desk which looks very smart in its new home. Add to this a detached garage I have more space for trains than I currently know what to do with.

I’ve nearly finished unpacking, so once I have I shall post a photo or three of the new modelling room.

Whilst I had the van I of course did what any self respecting modeller would do. I went to Wickes and loaded up with sheets of 9mm plyboard that are now sat in the garage. The cash save here on delivery just gets reinvested into more toys for the railway happily.


Outside, in the garden is a very substantial patio. What this means is that as / when I chose to build a good size layout for exhibiting I have somewhere I can set it up in full to test, rather than relying on testing one board at a time. Without having measure it fully I should be able to get a 20′ long layout set up in the garden with no bother at all.

Ok, so for now that may be overly ambitious. However, a guy can but dream. And, at some point it will happen.

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