Layout planning – week 2

Honest update? Ok, not much has happened. Work this week while it should have given time to thing about important things whilst travelling, ended up keeping me very busy.

Something are more assured than they were. For instance, the layout will be long and thin, likely 12′ x 2′. At this stage I think it is unlikely to be a city scape either. I like the idea of having some greenery on it. Although, at the same time I also want some form of industry too, so it may well end up being a semi rural scene.

One n gauge layout is a must see at exhibitions, and which in my head is providing inspiration for the theme at least. Ambleton Vale created by Ray Taylor and Anna Bass is a similar size and concept to what I want to achieve.

Set in rolling countryside somewhere in central England in the 1960s, Ambleton Vale station is a fictitious terminus at the end of a branch line connecting the village of Ambleton Vale with the county town some 20 miles away.  It has survived in the face of the general decline in rail travel because of a flourishing livestock market on the outskirts of the village, and the nearby Ambleton Vale racecourse.

Now the era is not for me personally I will admit. But, the layout if you are ever at an exhibition that Ray and Anna are at with it is a must see and a triumph of N Gauge modelling.

Modelling must haves

So I’m starting to get a general concept. Here is what I would like the layout to include;

  • An opportunity for animals
  • Twin track main / branch line
  • Rural style station
  • Bay platform (maybe)
  • A couple of sidings, not necessarily by the station
  • Some form of industry (maybe light industry or warehousing, I don’t really know)

What I will probably end up doing is coming back and adding to this blog in due course. Not that I want anyone to keep checking back, but as I’ve already started writing a wish list I may as well add to it so nothing gets forgotten.

About the only thing that is inspiring me tonight though after a long week is a glass of red wine. And lets not forget, you’re always told to listen to your body! So now I’m off to heed that advice

Happy modelling all


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