Revolution Trains Announce Class 175 and 180 DMUS

In their round up of 2021 there was a teaser from the boys at Revolution. They promised more multiple units in 2022, and now they have gone public.

Revolution Trains are offering both the Class 180 ‘Adelante’ and Class 175 ‘Coradia’ units as its next multiple unit models in both N gauge and OO

Now, as a former resident of Hull, I have a strong history with the class 180. For many years they carried me back and forth, often seemingly effortlessly to Kings Cross and back. However, they suffered in the later years with reliability issues and became a bit of a lottery. A unit running well and on all 5 engines was a rarity. However this was no issue and they could keep to time on just 4. 3 engines and they found themselves banned south of Doncaster though so often it was the joys of a Northern stopping service to Doncaster and change.

The Class 175 and Class 180 are both members of the Coradia family of units produced by Alstom, and share many common features and parts. Like the prototypes, the Class 175 and 180 models from Revolution will share many common features. These include full interiors, working and switchable headlights, tail lights and interior saloon lights as standard. Kinematic power couplers will allow the entire train to be controlled by a single DCC decoder.

These models will be fitted with a specially designed low-profile chassis. Consequently this will allow for full interiors to be depicted on all vehicles. The DCC decoder has been designed to be accessed via an easy access underfloor panel to make changing or fitting an easy task for all modellers. In addition all models will come with factory-fitted speakers as standard too for simple sound upgrades.

CAD almost complete

CAD work on the N gauge models is almost complete; the 00 version will follow soon afterwards.

Based on previous releases from Revolution these are sure to be stunning models. The class 180 with it’s wide sphere of operations over the years will fit with many modellers. Fourteen of these units were initially ordered by Great Western to supplement their HST fleet on 125mph services. However their success was limited with a number of fire related issues. Since then these units have seen use elsewhere, including on sub lease to First North Western and First Hull Trains. Fast forward to 2022 and you will find 10 of these units now in a striking black livery operation services to Kings Cross for Grand Central. The other four are operation services too and from Kings Cross’ neighbour St Pancras on behalf of EMR.

The class 175, like the recently announced class 769 from Graham Farish, will plug a large gap in the ability of modern day modellers to model the Welsh network.

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