Graham Farish Announce Updated Class 08 Shunter With DCC

For years now the bane of many modellers life has been the requirement to manually wire the smallest decoder possible into a class 08. Now in their Spring 2022 releases GraFar have eliminated the issue. Their popular class 08 shunter is being re released with an all new chassis.

For the first time, N gauge modellers running DCC can quickly and easily add the instantly recognisable Class 08 diesel shunter to their fleet. However, possibly the biggest surprise is the fact they have also managed to squeeze in a factory fitted speaker too. As such, for the first time sound versions are now becoming available too.

The highly detailed body is constructed from numerous separate components, including handrails, lamps, lamp brackets and whistle. Whilst the chassis features the distinctive outside frames that are synonymous with the 08s. Along side this the chassis comes with metal sand pipes and separate brake rigging.

As you would expect from Graham Farish, the livery application appears to be first rate. This is achieved they tell us by using authentic colours, logos and fonts.

Plenty of options

The new releases are coming in a choice of a number of liveries which are sure to be popular. All versions are being released as DCC ready and DCC DCC sound fitted. The list of models expected in May / June is as follows:

371-004B    N Gauge Class 08 721 'Starlet' BR Red Star Express Parcels 
371-004BSF  N Gauge Class 08 721 Starlet Red Star Express Parcels (DCC-Sound) 
371-007A    N Gauge Class 08 953 BR Engineers Grey 
371-007ASF  N Gauge Class 08 953 BR Engineers Grey (DCC-Sound) 
371-010     N Gauge Class 08 441 Railway Support Systems 
371-010SF   N Gauge Class 08 441 Railway Support Systems (DCC-Sound) 
371-011     N Gauge Class 08 417 Network Rail Yellow 
371-011SF   N Gauge Class 08 417 Network Rail Yellow (DCC-Sound) 
371-012     N Gauge Class 08 919 Rail Express Systems 
371-012SF   N Gauge Class 08 919 Rail Express Systems (DCC-Sound) 
371-013SF   N Gauge Class 08 13287 BR Early Green (DCC-Sound) 
371-015DSF  N Gauge Class 08 818 BR Blue Weathered (DCC-Sound) 

Richard’s modelling must have?

For me it’s the model released in Railways Support Systems black.

Formed in 2008, Railway Support Services supply Class 08 diesel-electric shunting locomotives. These are provided to depots and yards where the shunting or movement of rail vehicles is a requirement. These locomotives have been the mainstay of railway yards for more than 60 years. Even is 2022 there is little sign of demand for their services diminishing. Due to the flexible nature of the service provided, their livery has at one time or another been seen the length and breadth of Britain. Or so it sometimes feels anyway. The broad scope of work supplied by RSS means rule one need not apply. Consequently, a productive search on Flickr or the like means a reference photo of the class or livery near by is sure to be found.

Now how about the below for a cameo layout scene?

A mad idea for a layout cameo? Or pure genius?

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