Graham Farish announce Class 769 Flex bi-mode BMU

Given they already have the tooling for the vast majority of the model this announcement was hardly surprising. However Farish are to be applauded for announcing further modern image releases on top of the updated class 08. Like the class 08 that has been announced alongside it at the same time by Graham Farish, the models are expected to hit the UK in the next few months.

The Class 769 Flex bi-mode BMU units that can now be seen entering service with Transport for Wales on local services in South Wales. As well as GWR and Northern have fleets of this so the potential is there for additional releases at a later date. They are conversions from the class 319 EMU that has served the country well for over 30 years. Naturally, the Class 769 takes full advantage of the existing Class 319 tooling, with suitable alterations to represent the bi-mode equipment.

The model comes with all the features you would expect of a release in 2022.

The model features a coreless motor with flywheel, electrical pickup from all axles, an unobstructed interior including seat and table detail. To improve ride quality it has conductive couplings between vehicles and functional multiple unit couplings at the outer ends. You will also find both directional and internal lighting fitted to every vehicle where appropriate. Along side this it also comes complete with an easy access Next18 DCC decoder socket and a pre-fitted speaker.

372-850 Class 769 4-Car BiMU 769008 Transport for Wales is the model number, with an RRP of £349.95

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