New Class 67s Due In Q3 2022 From Dapol

An announcement I didn’t get to share pre-christmas was Dapol releasing their plan for more class 67s this year. The class 67 has been around in N Gauge from Dapol for a number of years, with 11 previous iterations of the model in existence. As a class they have lived a varied and colourful life which has helped their popularity as models no end.

There are four new versions due in quarter 3 of 2022. And these new releases will take the total up to 15 the number of different models of this class released in model format by Dapol.

The proposed new releases are as follows:

  • 2D-010-012 Class 67 Colas Rail 67023 Stella
  • 2D-010-013 Class 67 Transport For Wales 67025
  • 2D-010-014 Class 67 DB Schenker Red 67028
  • 2D-010-015 Class 67 EWS Red/Gold 67020

Looking at the list 3 of the 4 liveries chosen have seen fame in model format before, with these releases just being in new running numbers and names in the case of the Colas version. However, the release of one in TfW livery is sure to please modellers of Wales and the North West of England.

Hopefully this is a sign that Dapol may be considering matching releases in the mark 3 carriage and DVT ranges.

Priced at £135 for DCC ready versions and £165 for DCC fitted versions the prices are in line with the current releases still available, something that is nice to see.


The specification will be in line with what we have seen before for this model. Consequently, features found on the model will include:

  • Detailed and finely printed graphics
  • Finely detailed moulded body, chassis and bogies
  • NEM pockets as standard
  • Directional lighting
  • Powerful skew wound 5 Pole Super Creep motor for superb smooth running
  • All wheel pick up with heavy chassis for fantastic haulage
  • Detailing and accessory pack included
  • Dapol’s low friction mechanism for efficient quiet running

Personally, as much as I like picking up all the new releases where I can, this one is not for me this time. Not because I think it’s a bad model or anything, in fact I think the ones I already have are smashing models. However, I just can’t see how I could use or justify any of the announcements. That being said, I may well end up kicking myself a few years down the line when they are sold out. Hey ho, that is the joy of railway modelling tho.

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