4 New class 86 locomotives coming from Dapol

In and amongst the new year announcements is one from Dapol that they are releasing more versions of their successful class 86 model.

Expected in quarter 3 of 2022 the new class 86s will be released in line with the current spec for the model from Dapol. This means that Dapol can keep the RRP for these models at a very reasonable £120. Should you wish to go for DCC fitted this rises to £150. Both of these prices are only very slightly up on the current release which has been on the market for some years now.

The Dapol Class 86 features:

  • Finely detailed body with many extra fitted detailing items
  • 5 pole Super Creep motor with incredible controllable slow running speed
  • All wheel drive and pick up
  • Finely detailed and posable pantograph
  • Accessory bag with optional fitted parts

The proposed new liveries that have listed by Dapol are as follows:

  • 2D-026-005 Class 86 86245 BR Blue FYP
  • 2D-026-006 Class 86 The Manchester Guardian 86253 I/C Swallow
  • 2D-026-007 CLASS 86 Pride of the Nation EWS 86426
  • 2D-026-008 CLASS 86 86622 Freightliner Powerhaul

The models announced by Dapol this week serve to give n gauge modellers a nice broad range of coverage through the eras. There should be something to suit everyone over the broad span of these now iconic British electric locomotives.


I have the Caledonian Sleeper model of 86401 from the previous batch of locos. This itself is a very fine model. Detailing is to a very good level, with all the features you would expect from a modern model released in the last few years. As for running? Super smooth in my experience, a good quality quiet smooth motor with decent pulling power.

Given how good the previous releases were, I’m looking forward to this one too. As such, you may well find that Freightliner Powerhaul liveried one makes it onto my Christmas shopping list. Assuming I can wait that long of course!

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