Dapol Announce New Production Of Collett Coaches

Dapol have today announced some good news for N Gauge modellers. They have confirmed they are to do another run of the well like Collett coaches.

Priced at an RRP of £32.40 each, which seems reasonable in today’s market. The coaches will be released in a choice of running numbers and liveries. A total of 16 new variants have been confirmed by Dapol.

As with previous releases the coaches will come with a highly detailed underframe and bogies. NEM coupling will come as standard, and they will feature sockets and mountings for Dapol light bars which mean they can quickly and easily be internally illuminated without any expert electrical knowledge required. The light bars also come in two shade now with a more yellow light to reflect traditional standards. As well as this they are available with a more modern whiter hue to reflect fluorescent lighting.

The new releases are as below:

Models are expected to arrive on retailers shelves reasonably quickly as all required tooling etc is already complete. Dapol have stated they expect deliveries to be in Q2 or Q3 next year.

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