Upstairs Downstairs

Another proper traditional high street style model shop.

Location: Sandown, Isle of Wight
Address: 3 Pier Street, Sandown, United Kingdom, PO36 8JR

Phone: 01983 406616

Like so many of the model shops I now frequent, I came across Upstairs Downstairs on eBay initially. I can’t remember what I was looking for when I found them originally. However, their catalogue is that broad that in reality it could have been pretty much anything. Whilst I have still not made it to the store in person, I have now made many successful electronic transactions with them.

They proudly boast to stock over 12,000 items. And I can well believe it. I would say, that stock is also the operative word here. Availability of items from them is generally very good. Arguably, better than some of the big boys.

Gauges stocked?

2mm, 4mm, 7mm, 10mm & larger, N, OO9, HO, OO, O, On30, G, Gn15

As well as gauge specific railway modelling, they also carry good stocks of general modelling items. Like their railway items the choice is broad and the value is good. They really are a good one stop model shop.

Their website is fast and responsive and easy to use. My only gripe would be that you cannot currently filter search results by scale. At the time of writing they have a very fair £40 threshold to qualify for free delivery. My last one was by RM48 and was dispatched on the Monday having ordered Sunday afternoon.

The blog section of their website has literally hundreds of useful pages on all modelling matters. All gauges and scales are covered, and includes very handy guides to such as trouble shooting issues with analogue controllers.


A common bug bear when discussing retailers is often the use of one size its all packaging solutions. No such issue from my experience with Upstairs Downstairs always using appropriate solutions whenever I have ordered. Last order was sufficiently light and non fragile that they managed to pack the box out with a sheet of scrunched up newspaper. Such an action although not necessarily appealing to all ticked a lot of boxes for me. The war on plastic cannot be solved overnight, but such simple actions are a big help towards a more sustainable future.

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