KJB Models

One of Britains newest model shops, it only opened it’s doors to the public in December 2020. To date I have not been to the new shop, however I have used their online and ebay services a lot over recent years and service has always been faultless. The one time an issue arose, an apology and returns label could not have come any faster if they had tried.

Delivery is with Royal Mail. And as long as your order is in by mid-afternoon I have found it very rare for it not to be dispatched the same day. Packaging is always good too, without it being over the top. Appropriate size boxes are always used, not the one size fits all approach.

KJB Models new store is in The Old Railway Tavern, in the village of Hensall in North Yorkshire. I for one am looking forward to getting to pay them a visit in person in 2021. The pandemic means it is now well over 18 months since I last set foot in a model shop. For me, that is far far too long.

They are not a name you see bandied around in a mass of publicity, but if ever there is a favourite model shop discussion on Facebook, or one of the modelling forums they always come up every time, with satisfied customers up and down the country. Good service and good prices recommended again and again.

Second Hand?

KJB also do a lot of work in the second hand market. Consequently, their website always has a good stock of second hand models available.

More than once recently they have proudly shown photos of their latest stock acquisitions. Each time for it to be a van full of goodies. Yes they do buy whole collections.

As such they do get some great hard to find models. And not just in N gauge I might add, they also carry stock from OO, HO, O and 009 gauges in the second hand section as well.

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