The International N Gauge Show

This weekend sees the return of what I would describe as the first major exhibition of 2021.  And also, as it happens the first major one since the relaxation of Covid restrictions in the UK

For anyone who is an N Gauge modeller then this annual event at the Warwickshire Event Centre is a must.  Sadly it looks like I may have to miss out this year.  Yesterday, I succumbed to what can only be described as a bout of man flu.  Although I’m doing my best to battle myself back to full fitness. Hopefully I will be attend on the second day, although I fear this year I may miss out sadly.

TINGS as the show if often known (lets face it The International N Gauge Show is a bit of a mouthful) features 24 layouts & society stands as well as a broad selection of traders. The layouts vary in size from a micro layout in a gun case, to the much larger. A favourite I was looking forward to seeing in the flesh was Sandy Bay. I remember this being featured in a magazine recently and thinking wow. Sandy Bay is a freelance N Gauge layout located on the North Yorkshire coast using elements of the Scarborough and Whitby Railway.

New Announcements

A number of the manufacturers have stands at the show too, with at least one saving a number of new product announcements for the show.

Revolution trains are just one example of this and as well as hoping to have EPs of their new class 59 model on show at the exhibition for the first time, they have also announced two new models this morning breaking new ground for N Gauge modelling again.  Announced this morning by from Revolution are models of the 1938 Tube stock. These compact then went on to see service on the Isle of Wight on the ‘Island LIne’. They were finally retired last year in 2020 at the age of 82.  These will be the first ready to run (RTR) underground trains available in N gauge.

Cad Drawings of the ’38 Tube Stock from Revolution Trains.

Also announced by Revolution are the much requested all steel ‘K-type’ Pullman coaches. The K-type Pullmans were the first all steel construction Pullmans in the UK. Metropolitan Cammell built 29 Pullman cars of 5 different body types: Kitchen 1sts and 3rds, Parlour 1sts and 3rds and Parlour Brake 3rds. Revolution have announced that they will offer all 5 body types in train packs. This should allow modellers to run prototypical formations on their layouts.

Dapol have also announced a new model for N Gauge at the show. An N Gauge version of the O & K hopper is on its way and Dapol have released a copy of the CAD. The wagon is further good news for N Gauge modellers, particularly if you model the Mendips. It comeshot on the heels of both Dapol and revolution announcing models of the Class 59. Both of which are seemingly well on the way to production and will face off against each other when they arrive.

More news?

I’m sure over the course of the day and into this evening news of more new items will filter onto the internet. For those that cannot make it I will post on here any further news worthy items be it steam, diesel or electric. For those that wish to look for updates themselves I recommend the N Gauge forum. I’ve frequented the site for years and thoroughly enjoying being a part of it. The site often has news from the major players as exclusives, as well as a lot of well respected contributors.

That’s all for me for now folks. I’m off to go and sit back on the sofa and feel sorry for myself with my man flu. Oh, and maybe have a surf of the web and facebook for any more exciting announcements coming from TINGS.

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