Revolution Announces First RTR Tube Stock In N

And now for something you didn’t necessarily realise you wanted or needed. Or at least, not until it was announced this morning by Revolution Trains.

Revolution Trains have announced today at The International N Gauge Show the first RTR underground trains available in N gauge. Previously modellers had been limited to non motorised and often unpainted kits.

Their forthcoming model is to be of the iconic and distinctive 1938 stock. 1988 saw the class withdrawn after 50 years service with London Underground. This class then went on to see service on The Island Line on the Isle of Wight. British Rail and Network South East as it was at the time converting converting 10 2 car units. When on the Island they carried a number of liveries. Perhaps the most talked about was the dinosaur livery. Also in their time they carried Island Line red at the end. Although likely to be most popular with modern image modellers is Network SouthEast.

The Revolution Announcement in Full

Going underground! 1938 stock in N!

Revolution Trains is delighted to introduce the first RTR underground trains available in N gauge with our forthcoming model of the iconic and distinctive 1938 stock.

Over 1100 cars of 1938 stock were built with additional cars built/converted during the 1950s to supplement the original batch. The 1938 stock was primarily designed for “deep” tube lines on the Bakerloo, Northern, Piccadilly and Central lines. 1938 stock also saw use on the East London sub-surface line during the 1970s. Despite being deep tube stock the 1938 stock regularly ran above ground particularly at the northern ends of the Northern and Bakerloo lines alongside sub-surface and mainline stock. The final 1938 stock was withdrawn from service by London Underground in 1988 following 50 years of service with a 4 car set preserved by London Underground.

10 pairs of 1938 stock were sold to BR for future use on the Isle of Wight. This being Despite the long service on LU lines in 1988. Te sale saw the 1938 stock slightly modified for use on the IoW where they saw a remarkable further 30+ years of service with the final sets withdrawn in January 2021. Several sets have been preserved and we hope to support the preservation efforts with sales of our models.

We plan to offer sets in original LT red, Network SouthEast and Island liveries.

Our model is undergoing final CAD corrections and once those are complete we will open the order book (expected to be late Q4 2021). Our model will feature highly detailed bodyshells, separate flush-glazing, moulded interiors with working head, tail and saloon lighting.

Revolution Trains would like to thank South Western Railway and TfL for their assistance and support.

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